Double chin makes one feels overweight, old, and unattractive. We did a poll and realised that many of us weren’t even sure what causes it!

We did a poll on Aesthetics Hub and here are the results:

Double chin or submental fullness as doctors call it, is the result of a combination of a few factors. It doesn’t mean that overweight people will have double chin; skinny people can have them too. While it is true that people who are overweight tend to develop a double chin over time, it doesn’t mean a double chin only comes with age. While some people think that bodybuilding or overstraining of the neck muscles while lifting weights causes double chin, it is not the main cause.

Whatever the reason, the crux of matter is that patients who seek help are often desperate to get rid of it! People have tried losing weight, doing neck exercises, and applying skin firming products all in the hope of ditching that extra layer but often to no avail. Before we delve into the solution, let’s look at what could cause double chin.

1.   Ageing

You can kind of blame it on Father Time. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and sags. Muscles in the neck area like the platysma muscle and sternocleidomastoid also tend to loosen over time, affecting their ability to hold our skin and flesh taut. (The platysma is a band of tissue found in the chest, neck, and facial region while the sternocleidomastoid covers a portion of the neck.) Factors like gravity, sun exposure, smoking, and poor diet can intensify the aging process.

2. It’s all in the genes

Apparently some people may just be more predisposed to developing a double chin since young people can present with submental fullness. Although it may be easier to blame our ancestors, the condition can worsen no thanks to the aging process.

3.   Weight gain

When fat accumulates in front or behind the platysma, and when aging gradually takes place and our skin loosens, the acuity of the smooth sharp angle of the neck is lost. This is replaced with an slopping angle caused by excess fats deposits under the chin area.

Getting rid of double chin

Getting rid of double chin is much easier now with the advances in aesthetics technology. CoolSculpting is a popular body contouring treatment and it has recently expanded its machines range to include the CoolMini, an applicator small enough to treat smaller body areas like our double chin. Although getting under the knife is another method to get rid of your double chin, it may not be appealing to those of us who aren’t comfortable with invasive treatments. CoolMini is the way to go for a little or no downtime double chin treatment.

There are also other methods of reducing fats around the chin or other areas of stubborn body fats like high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU). Speak to your doctor on your options available and on whether the  CoolMini is suitable for you.