Yup, you read it right. You are what you ate, or was fed, before age five. “After five years, our body has no ability or potential to make more fat cells. That’s why doctors always emphasise the importance of not overfeeding children, especially before age five,” says Dr. Terence Tan, Director, Halley Medical Aesthetics (Halley).

“Less fat cells means less potential for gaining fats. So even when you gain weight after that, the body will not put on weight in areas where there are no fat cells.”

And that is the premise behind fat freezing with cryolipolysis devices like Zeltiq’s CoolSculpt. When fat cells are broken down and passed out of the body after fat freezing, the body will not be able to take in fats in the fat cells that are no longer in the body.

“Losing weight makes a smaller version of you and a smaller version of the bulges in areas that you do not want like the tummy and thighs. Many people think that spot toning exercises and weight loss medications are effective in dealing with those stubborn fats. It’s not true.

“For spot treatment of those body fats, there are two methods that work: fat freezing, which is non-intrusive, or liposuction, which is an intrusive surgery. Always speak to a doctor on what is best for you and your body. But ultimately, people must remember that weight loss management by a doctor and cryolipolysis need to go hand-in-hand for effective, optimal weight loss, body contouring, and health management,” cautions Dr. Tan.