With so many male celebrities sporting a Dad Bod, Dad Bod is the talk of the town this season. However, not every man wants a Dad Bod, and neither do all ladies love one. More importantly, we do want to own a ‘Mom Bod’ too.

Regardless of how Dad Bod is so trendy nowadays, there’s no excuse for letting ourselves go. Even if we can’t own a fully sculpted body, a healthy body that is not overweight is definitely a preferred option. However, there might be areas of fats that just wouldn’t go away no matter how hard we work out. And if you have been religiously doing spot toning exercises but wondering why the fats just won’t going away, Dr. Terence Tan says there is a reason why these fats are often called “stubborn fats”.

“Spot toning exercises do not kill the fats, they just reduce the size of the fat,” explains Dr. Tan, Director of Halley Medical Aesthetics (Halley). This is the reason why doctors recommend cryolipolysis or fat freezing in addition to exercising and having a healthy diet. Cryolipolysis is a cooling treatment that freezes fat cells and causing them to ‘die’. The body then removes these dead fat cells from the body. This natural removal of fat cells over time results in fat loss. Fat freezing can be used to get rid of the stubborn fats on your tummy, love handles, buttocks, thighs, and arms.

Time is precious

The CoolSculpting by Zeltiq machine, for instance, which is a US FDA-approved fat freezing device has one applicator that allows clinics to ‘freeze’ only one body area at a time. Therefore, for one body area, it’d take one hour for the treatment and two hours for two body areas. This means that people can spend the whole day doing fat freezing if they have multiple areas that they want to target at one sitting. While this is something that some people can afford to do, it is not the most efficient use of our time.

To address people’s desire to sculpt multiple parts of their body in the quickest time possible, Halley now has fat freezing cryolipolysis treatment programmes that combine a few devices, including Zeltiq’s CoolSculpt machine, to treat multiple areas at one go. With these treatment programmes, for example, the clinic is able to target four body areas in one hour or eight body areas in two hours. And if you wish to optimise your time even further, you can also opt to have a treatment facial done at the same time.

For the uninitiated, what are the benefits of cryolipolysis?
  1. It is non-invasive, so it’s painless.

2. You won’t freeze or feel cold; only your fats will.

3. You can get a relaxing treatment facial done, read a book or check your Facebook at the same time. Talk about multi-tasking!

4. There’s no downtime. Go out and do what you need to do after treatment.

5. It pairs perfectly with your exercise and health regime as it targets the areas of stubborn fat.

6. It not only shapes your body, it tightens you skin too.