Read the interview with Yen Wong, a Senior Content Strategist, to find out what prompted him to transform his body. #MyBodyMyGoal

A while ago, you committed to making changes to your body. When was that and what prompted you to do that?

I was a fat kid, like how most people would claim. My weight tipped at 98kg before the army, and I didn’t feel that was a problem. I lost around 25 kg after basic military training (BMT) and decided to stick to a regular exercise routine to upkeep. But the initial phase was tough. I exercised with the goal of achieving a particular look. I don’t think there’s a problem with that, but it didn’t propel me much. It felt like I was going through the motion. The idea of hitting the gym was plain torture. I did not enjoy the exercises, and the results plateaued.

But everything took a turn when I started to explore different activities e.g. yoga, functional training, and high intensity interval training (HIIT). I attended courses, e.g. TRX and Yoga Teacher’s Training to educate myself and began to enjoy the process more than the result. I believe this is what truly changed me and how I’m able to sustain the active lifestyle.


What did you do to achieve your body goal?

I believe educating oneself is very important. Once you understand the bolts and nuts of things, you can troubleshoot and achieve better results. I read a lot and attend courses.

What was the hardest thing you had to do to achieve your goals?

To be mentally firm and strong. We are faced with temptations, such as food or omitting one last set in your workout, and these are what that will trip you. I always remind myself the only person who can stop you is yourself. Likewise, the only person who can make it work is yourself. It sounds cliche, but it’s very true.

Did you approach anyone for help? How did he/she inspire/help you?

I seek a lot of help from online resources and friends who are trained in sports science. They can advise and consult on what’s right for me. I believe my inspiration comes from many individuals, not necessary from those who look fit. In fact, I’m very inspired by those who overcome physical disabilities to achieve something great.

How long did it take for you to achieve your body goal?

It took forever! Haha, maybe I wasn’t disciplined at the initial phase. I guess we always can be better and I don’t think I have achieved that goal yet.


Have you achieved it? What’s your next body goal?

I think what I’ve achieved is to understand what works for me and what doesn’t. My next goal is to look at more functional results than aesthetic, like a handstand.

What advice do you have for men who want to achieve what you’ve achieved?

Empower yourself with knowledge and don’t be afraid to try new things. You have to find something you enjoy doing and own it.

Would you advise them to seek help or go at it alone?

I believe it depends on that individual. Some people work better alone. But it doesn’t kill to have like-minded friends to support along the way.